Setting the prices for scrap copper

Regardless of whether you roam the neighborhood collecting small quantities of scrap or your company generates a great deal of scrap from the manufacturing process, it is all valuable. The problem is; how valuable, what are the scrap copper prices today for example?

Copper is a valuable metal:

Copper is one of the more valuable non-ferrous metals, excluding of course precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. With the number of products copper is used in, it is among the most sought after metals. As is true with all commodities, the price is based on a number of factors, one of which is supply and demand.

In the United States, scrap copper prices are set by the Commodities Exchange. The price is not across the board, as copper is available in different grades, so goes the pricing. One thing is for sure; over the last several years, scrap copper prices have been going up as a result of demand. With the ever increasing awareness of the environment, many more people and industries are recycling and as such it is becoming more important to be aware of current commodity prices.

Copper is easily recycled:

Of all the metals, copper is the easiest to recycle. Although there is no way of knowing exact numbers, it has been estimated that 80 percent of the copper ever mined is still in use, this statistic is thanks to the recycling industry. High grade copper scrap is simple to recycle; all that has to be done is melt it and cast it into ingots.

Bear in mind that not all copper scrap is the same and to ensure the highest price for scrap, it must be segregated. There are over 20 grades of copper and each one of them has its own price. Not only are scrap copper prices based on grade, they are based on volume; a truck load will be priced higher than a trunk load. Visit H&C Metals, Inc.

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