Services Offered By A Locksmith in Lawrence

Have you ever locked yourself out of your car? Maybe you bought a new house and needed to change the locks. These scenarios happen time and again, which makes a locksmith that much more necessary. Not only are locksmiths able to get you back on the road, but they can also provide many other services as well.

Most locksmiths provide auto, residential and commercial lock services. Auto services cover anything from helping you unlock your car to helping you with your key fob (the “box” used to remotely access your vehicle). If your “box” has quit working, you need to have it reprogrammed; locksmiths can help you out with that service. Residential services include re-keying your house to key-less remote deadbolts and deadbolt installation.

Most people don’t feel safe unless they have a couple of lock systems in place. Your regular key lock usually doesn’t deter burglars, but a deadbolt will. Any Locksmith in Lawrence will have the ability to place a deadbolt in your home. Lockworks takes it a step further and offers the option of a remote deadbolt. Remote deadbolts use a fob to unlock your door from up to 30 feet away, much like a key fob for a car.

Commercial services provided by most locksmiths can include key card entries, safe combinations and alarm locks. If you have ever worked for a large corporation, they typically hand out badges to employees on their first day. Many times, they also hand out key-less entry cards, or key cards. Locksmiths then put entry pads near each door. All the employee has to do to enter the building or room is wave their key card in front of the entry pad. This is also something that can be used in parking garages. Some places of business prefer to have a key code instead. The employee would have to remember a series of numbers, much like a locker combination, and then punch it into the number pad by the entryway. This provides maximum security without the risk of possibly losing a key card.

No matter what your locksmith need is, any locksmith in Lawrence has the technology to help you protect your material possessions and to keep everyone safe.

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