Services Offerd By a Dentist in Lubbock TX

A Dentist Lubbock TX is a health professional who specializes in the treatment, diagnoses, and prevention of diseases of the mouth and jaws. Teeth are vital in our everyday lives and can withstand abuse, but they need to be taken care of so that they may last your whole lifetime.
Dentistry is split into several categories. One of the categories is general dentistry, dealing with basic dental work. Such clinics have websites where you can find out the services they offer among other things. One of the websites is; they are a family dental clinic located in Lubbock TX. They not only practice general dentistry, but cosmetic as well. Their website has an education section where you can learn about the different services and products.
Their general dentistry services include:
Extractions: the safe removal of teeth that are damaged or cause discomfort to the person.

  • Root Canals: when the internal tissues of a tooth start to cause problems. A root canal is performed to clean the tooth; this will stop the infected tissue spread and therefore save the rest of the tooth. This is done by drilling into the center of the tooth.
  • Sealing: cavities can cause serious discomfort especial when taking sugary drinks or food. Sealing the tooth will protect the nerves and therefore stop the discomfort felt.
  • Dentures: these are prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth. They are supported by the gums and muscles in the oral cavity. These are mainly used by those who have lost all their teeth or have very few left.
  • Periodontal Treatment: this is the treatment of gum diseases. They can diagnose and treat the diseases as well as educate you on how to prevent them.

Since they are a family dental clinic, it means that children will feel comfortable in that environment. Children’s fears can affect how they act as they are being treated. If they become restless, it may cause an accident. Make sure you visit a Dentist Lubbock TX every few months to make sure your teeth are healthy. Drinking milk or eating calcium rich foods will help you also.

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