Services for Eliminating Illegal Dumping in Portland, OR

illegal dumping Portland OR has led to huge issues, both environmental as well as sanitation ones. Each day, hundreds of pounds of waste are dumped illegally, left to contaminate the soil and create hazardous conditions to those nearby. However, with the services offered by a junk removal service, these illegal dump sites can be eliminated quickly and efficiently. This company offers a number of other services as well, which are highlighted here.

Clean-Up Services

No matter if you need a single chair or table hauled away, or assistance cleaning up illegal dumping in Portland OR, using the services of Northwest Pro-Haul LLC will solve your problem. This company offers service the same day you call, seven days a week. Each technician working for the company is licensed, meaning you can feel confident that the job will be done right and in a timely manner. When you need clean-up services, you can receive services for construction waste removal, apartment clean ups and more.

Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are a convenient feature offered to construction sites, home remodels and for general clean out purposes. These boxes are dropped off, and removed when you are complete. This prevents waste from piling up on the street or ground and creating potentially dangerous situations for those nearby. You can also pay extra for a recyclable drop box and help to reduce the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills.

Demolition Services

The services of a waste hauling and dumping removal service can also help you to eliminate debris from the demolition of a home or building. There is no need to dump the debris illegally when services such as this exist to make taking care of the waste quickly and professionally an affordable matter.

If you have any type of dumping issue, waste issue or simply need something hauled away, don’t simply dispose of it in an illegal manner. Instead, hire a professional company to take care of the waste for you. This will offer benefits for you, your neighbors and the environment. These services are also affordable, which ensures that no matter your budget, you can afford to dispose of items properly.

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