Servicemembers Civil Relief Act with its Military Status Search

The federal government provides, regarding many areas of civilian life, for our servicemen and women as they enter into active military duty, and can be verified by Military Status Search. One such area involves financial situations we all might normally face. These same situations though, can be especially complicated for our country’s military personnel and we as a people must protect them as best as possible. A Military Status Search will verify which of our soldiers are able to receive these benefits.

The protection by The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) covers these issues as listed below. The Federal Government, several times since, has revamped the original act, which was drawn up in 1940. The former act had offered many of the same protections as the act in its current form. The current protections include situations regarding:

– mortgage foreclosures

– evictions

– mortgage interest rates

– leases

– rent agreements or prepaid rents

– life insurance

– health insurance

– income taxes

– car leases

– security deposits

– credit cards

– civil court proceedings

The military service industry seeks to offer this wide range of protections (postponing or suspending certain civil obligations) to protect the active servicemember (verified by Military Status Search) so he or she may devote their time to their military duties. These protections also provide the servicemember’s family with stress relief, needed during their loved-one’s deployment throughout the world. One can only imagine the weight of a missed mortgage payment, or worse, of an impending foreclosure occurring then. Our military uses the SCRA to offer individuals time, so that they and their families may possibly structure their financial situations favorably.

Servicemembers in active duty (as verified by a Military Status Search) within all branches of the armed forces should first contact the Armed Forces Legal Assistance Program Office. They will be able to help you identify if the SCRA covers your specific situation. To find the office near you, use The Military Legal Office Locator (for each branch of service).

All servicemembers, including Reservists and The National Guard, are able to seek protection under the SCRA. Any protection covers them from the date they enter active duty through their date of discharge, although the actual time it terminates is within 30 to 90 days of their discharge date.
Active duty military search and certification for SCRA. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Central Verification Service provides verification of active duty military status with or without social security number (SSN).

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