Selecting The Right Abrasive Blasting Supplies

When it comes to preparing metal surfaces for painting or repainting, the right preparation is critical to a perfect, flawless surface. Unfortunately, failing to choose the best quality and the correct options in abrasive blasting supplies will result in a less than ideal paint job or a paint job that quickly begins to peel or flake.

The Type of Metal

A common mistake it to incorrectly match the choice of abrasive blasting supplies with the specific type of metal. All blasting media options are rated for hardness, which in turn is a factor of the types of metals and surfaces that are a good match.

There are some types of blasting materials, including plastics, that are good on a wide range of surfaces. Other options, including plastic mixed with glass or shot, are ideal for more demanding types of applications. Using too hard of a blast media on a soft metal, such as aluminum, will cause damage to the surface.

Type of Deposit

In addition to the type of metal or surface material, abrasive blasting supplies must also be selected for the type of deposit to be removed. While blast media can be used to remove just surface paint, it can also remove waxes, sealants, rubber, adhesives, oils, and even primer and hydrocarbon deposits.

There are a few options in blasting media that are very dependable in the removal of powder coating. This is particularly important for the removal of existing paint and powder coat on aircraft and vehicle components.

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