Selecting Outdoor Furniture: Many Choices

If you think that people only began using outdoor furniture in the last few decades, or even the last couple of centuries, you will have to think again. Archaeologists have found evidence of people using outdoor furniture thousands of years ago. Of course, the materials used to construct our patio furniture or deck chairs have changed considerably (except for wicker and wood, which have remained constant for a long time).

When people mention outdoor furniture the listener immediately thinks of lawn chairs, sports chairs, metal-framed patio sets with umbrellas, and other examples from the 20th century and the first few years of the new century. Nowadays, the variety is staggering, especially when a homeowner begins to shop for items to place on their deck or in another outdoor space.

A Few Examples

In the 1950s and 1960s it was common to have lawn chairs made of aluminum tubing and plastic/fiber straps. These materials were used because of the effect weather would have on less hardy items if left outdoors. Some now choose to use bamboo, a material that is sturdy but light at the same time. Woven wicker furniture has been around for a long time and is still quite popular in many places around the world.

Some have chosen to use metal-framed tables with glass tops while others have chosen plastic for longevity in harsh weather conditions. Whatever the choice, there is probably a type of furniture that will suit your tastes. Many suppliers of quality outdoor items keep a wide range of styles and material types because of the varying tastes and desires of the public. If you are thinking of adding outdoor furniture to your property, take a few minutes to look over all the options and talk with someone who has experience in the industry.

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