Select an Experienced Roofing Contractor in Fairfield County CT

Experience matters in most cases and roof contracting is no exception. Experience counts because there are many roofing materials and each one needs to be installed correctly and efficiently. If a contractor specializes in flat roofs, he or she will not have a clue how to hang shingles on a roof with a sharp pitch. If a contractor is just starting out, some of the tricks of the trade will not have been learned yet. An experienced Roofing Contractor in Fairfield County CT will know proper ways of installation. You can be certified by a manufacturer, but if you haven’t put up a roof yet, you have plenty of room for error. Experience does not necessarily guarantee the best results, but it is still one of the best criteria for choosing a contractor.

Other criteria include the variety of services offered, references from past customers, and whether or not the work is guaranteed. A Roofing Contractor in Fairfield County CT should be able to offer all roofing materials and let you know the advantages and disadvantages of all of them. Shingles, for example, can be wood, composite, or slate. Slate is beautiful, but heavy and expensive. Wood is less expensive and eco-friendly, but will need a bit more maintenance. Composites are cost effective and can be installed quickly. Metal roofing can be aluminum, steel or copper. It is available in sheets or rolls and can be customized to fit your roof from the factory if you wish. That will mean a bit more cost for the materials but less cost for installation because there will be less cutting on site. All this type of information should be available to you from the contractor you hire so you will have a good idea of the costs and options you are looking at for your roof.

Find a roofing contractor, like Double R All Home Improvements, that has experience and has been in business in the area for a long time. Check to see if the contractor offers financing, a guarantee of the work or any special offers. Ask for references and ask questions about the training and certifications of their installers.

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