Seeking the Assistance of a Divorce Attorney in Allentown

Getting to the point of understanding that a divorce is a necessity is often painful and emotionally draining. Both spouses are often confused and afraid of the consequences and unsure of how to proceed. Often, many interventions have been attempted to salvage the union, to no avail. After other options are exhausted, a divorce is generally the next step. Having a divorce attorney in Allentown can make the legal process easier.

One way of easing this difficulty is in understanding the reasons and grounds on which an individual can seek a divorce. An often cited reason for divorces can be irreconcilable differences. Also known as a “no-fault” divorce, this reason for beginning divorce proceedings requires two years separation as a prerequisite. If both parties agree on the impending divorce proceedings, the time is reduced to a six month separation. Both parties must provide statements that all reasonable measures have been sought to help mend the rift in the union, with no satisfactory results.

There are three grounds on which a divorce can be sought. One is mental cruelty, in which one spouse subjects the other abuse that is mental in nature, and repetitive, though unprovoked by the victimized spouse. Specific instances of such abuse must be indicated, as well as a statement that the actions were not unprovoked.

Physical cruelty is another ground on which a divorce can be based. The victimized spouse must be able to provide specific instances during which the offending spouse was physically violent. Injuries must be stated, as well as the fact that the attacks were unprovoked by the victimized spouse.

A divorce can be also sought on the grounds of drug addiction or drunkenness. The addiction must have been active for at least two years. No matter what your personal reasons are for filing for divorce, you need to retain the services of a divorce attorney in Allentown. The attorney will make sure that you receive a fair settlement as well as making sure that the interest of the children, if there are any involved, are observed. Issues that affect the children are visitation and the payment of support. Having the proper support during the process is important.

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