See the Dentist in Waikoloa If You are a Smoker

While there are many habits people have, smoking is one of the most dangerous. Not only does it place a person’s overall health in danger, it can also wreak havoc in the mouth. Smokers not only experience damage to their teeth, but they are also more at risk for gum disease. If you are a smoker, it is imperative you see the Dentist Waikoloa on a regular basis. Avoiding the dentist while you smoke could lead to major oral health concerns. There are many risks smoking can pose to the health of your mouth. These include:

1. Smoking causes the teeth to yellow and even become stained brown, due to the tar and other products in cigarettes. Though some superficial stains may be able to be removed through brushing, bleaching treatments are often needed to remove severe stains. In some cases, the teeth become so badly stained there is no treatment for them.

2. Some people suffer from inflammation in their salivary glands. When the glands stop functioning normally, this can lead to a buildup of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

3. Smokers often have higher levels of buildup of plaque and tartar. These substances can cause the teeth to begin to decay and become damaged.

4. People who smoke are at risk for losing bone tissue in their jaw. This can eventually lead to tooth loss and structural damage.

5. There is also an increased risk of gum disease among those who smoke or use tobacco products.

6. Oral cancers are more common when a person smokes. This form of cancer can be deadly and needs to be diagnosed as early as possible so it can be treated.

7. People who smoke do not heal as well after oral surgery and can be at risk for developing infections.

If you are a smoker or use tobacco products, make sure you see the Dentist Waikoloa. Quitting smoking can help to protect your health and prevent these oral health concerns from occurring.

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