See a Chiropractor in Sullivan County, NY for Relief from Pain

Chiropractic treatment is usually centered on the spine, but because the spine holds the nerves that go to other body parts, pain caused by spinal problems often doesn’t show up where the actual problem is. Instead, it is felt in the body part the nerves eventually reach. Many people are surprised to find that problems that are seemingly centered in the legs or shoulders go away after the spine is properly adjusted.

Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment can provide excellent pain relief for problems related to injuries, postural problems, and even arthritis. Therefore, it can be a good idea to seek a chiropractor in Sullivan County to help you recover from such problems.

Some injuries have nothing to do with the spine, so physical therapy is a better bet. In these cases, treatment usually centers on reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Therapy to improve the strength or stamina of a muscle may also be needed.

In many cases, a combination of chiropractic treatment and physical therapy provides the best results. A chiropractor in Sullivan County, NY takes care of problems related to the spine, posture, and the nerves while a physical therapist helps the patient regain full use of the parts where these problems manifest. Since the two disciplines work so well together, offices like have doctors and therapists in both of them. This allows patients to get all of the treatment they need without having to visit multiple locations.

How long it takes for full relief depends on the problem and its causes, but many patients obtain some improvement very quickly. Therefore, they look forward to visiting the chiropractor. For ongoing problems, such as arthritis, it is common for return visits to be necessary over a long span of time. Even so, ignoring arthritis only allows it to get worse. Continued therapy will allow it to remain manageable for years and preserve the patient’s independence and quality of life.

Problems caused by injuries, on the other hand, typically are treated with a course of treatment that will end at a set time. The doctor will be able to devise a treatment plan after seeing the patient and will then be able to predict how long therapy will need to be continued.


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