Seaside Pharmacy Provides lift chairs san pedro

A lift chair is a chair which can lift people up nearly to a standing position. It is often used in the elderly and disabled persons. Lift chairs provide many benefits to those who have trouble repositioning themselves. One place offering lift chairs san pedro is Seaside Pharmacy. In addition to San Pedro, they also serve Rancho Palos Verdes, and their business has been around since 1889. Beyond lift chairs san pedro, the pharmacy also provides wheelchairs, walkers, canes, orthopedic supports, stethoscopes, thermometers and other medical supplies.

One benefit of using lift chairs, of course, is that a person won’t have to struggle or get in and out of the chair. For the elderly, getting into a chair can put great strain on their muscles and bones. A lift chair can solve this problem since they will able to adjust the chair prior to sitting down. Many lift chairs today offer additional features such as the ability to go flat and to place the legs higher than the rest of the body. These features can be extremely helpful for people with back issues or poor circulation, who may need to experiment with different positions to decide which is most beneficial to them.

Seaside Pharmacy provides four different options of lift chairs san pedro. These are the comforter, the MaxiComfort chair, the Monarch and the Regal. The comforter is both a lift chair and a recliner, and is priced at $749.99. You can choose from 5 different sizes of this chair. Using it, you can go raise and lower yourself, go into a “full napper” position and extend your legs. It is operated by a two button control, making it easy to use. The MaxiComfort chair, priced at $969.99, can come in many different kinds of fabrics, including SofTouchTM and microsuedes. Using it, you can get yourself into a TV watching position, zero gravity position and more.

Thus, lift chairs can be very helpful for those with movement issues by offering them greater independence and comfort. For people who want lift chairs san pedro, Seaside Pharmacy may be a good choice due to the special features provided by the chairs.

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