Scroll Wedding Cards – A Unique Twist on a Traditional Invitation

When it’s time to start ordering your wedding invitations, the number of choices available can be somewhat overwhelming. Types of invitations range across all customs and religions, and range from casual and fun to classy and richly exclusive. When you’re considering all your options, one beautiful type of designer invitation common among Indian weddings that you may never have considered before is the tradition of sending out scroll wedding cards in true royal fashion.

These customized invitations are unique in that they show off richness and splendor to match the importance of your special wedding day in an unusual format. Rather than having a traditional flat invitation, the announcement is rolled up like a scroll and tied shut with your choice of a variety of ribbons, braided cords or bands, and complemented with metallic add ons, tassels or other beautiful decorative elements. This type of wedding invitation is unique, exclusive, and can make a huge statement about the importance you place on your special day.

If you’re excited about the idea of choosing scroll wedding cards, but worried about mailing and sending these unique announcements, there’s no need for concern because others have already figured this out for you. When you start shopping for scroll announcements, you’ll find that most designs can be ordered with their own little box or envelope that can be designed flat and light with mailing purposes in mind. The box or envelope holds the scroll perfectly, and adds that touch of class to the entire package. The container itself, in fact, is usually decorated with a matching set of tassels and complementary design, making your invitation even that much more unique and beautiful.

To make an incredible impression on your guests and let them know the importance of your special day, consider all the options for scroll wedding cards. They can be designed with a rich look, a fancy lacey touch, or a wicker wrap, depending on the theme and style of your wedding. No matter what type of wedding you are having, whether it be traditional Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or interfaith, choosing scroll wedding cards can be a perfect way to express the importance you place on your special day of a lifetime.

Surprise your guests with a unique invitation that they are not expecting by finding the perfect scroll wedding cards to announce your wedding with a royal flair. Shop online at for hundreds of designs to complement your wedding decor and give your guests a taste of the wonderful celebration to come with your own customized scroll wedding cards.

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