Scam-Busting Tips for Buying Used Kias in Pittsburgh

When buying Used Kia’s in Pittsburgh, money-saving tips are always helpful, and tips helping you avoid a rip-off are even more valuable. While buying used can help you save thousands in some cases, you should be aware and remember that there are still some unethical sellers out there. Below are some tips to help you avoid being ‘taken for a ride’.

Check the Vehicle’s History
If you’re considering buying a pre-owned vehicle, don’t do so without using a site like AutoCheck or Carfax to check into its VIN number. Sites like these can give you a lot of information about any used vehicle’s history; you can find out if it has a junk or salvage title, how many owners it’s had, and the last proven mileage number.

Ask the Seller for Identification
A common tactic is for a person to sell a car not belonging to them. When buying a used car, always make sure that the person doing the negotiating is the true owner. If the seller tells you they’re acting on behalf of the owner, you should be wary-;and if there’s no way for you to get in touch with the actual owner, you should walk away from the deal.

Get Something in Writing
If you’re buying your pre-owned vehicle Pittsburgh from a registered dealership, ensure that you get agreements and promises in writing. Some unscrupulous dealers offer you free repairs or other services, only to not honor the promise when there’s an issue. Any used vehicle you buy should have a buyer’s guide prominently posted; it’s required by the FTC, and it protects buyers against fraud. If there’s no buyer’s guide, the dealer should be ready to offer an explanation as to why.

Don’t Fall for the Warranty
Some dealers are all too willing to offer you an extended warranty, but you should be wary of these. You can often save quite a bit by purchasing your own extended warranty; you should always try to avoid ‘dealer service contracts’ too, as they prohibit you from getting your car serviced anywhere else.

There are numerous risks to buying Used Kia’s Pittsburgh, but there’s always the chance of getting a great deal. Before the purchase, ask all the questions you need to in order to be comfortable with the purchase, and be sure to investigate the vehicle and the dealer thoroughly.

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