Say No to Tampons: Buy a Menstrual Cup for a Heavy Flow

A heavy flow is annoying. There is no way around it. Sometimes your flow can be so heavy that super absorbent pads and tampons only last an hour. Tampons and pads are expensive.

If you have to change your pad or tampon more often than those with light flows, you are spending a lot more money on feminine products. A menstrual cup for a heavy flow will eliminate the need to buy an excessive amount of pads and tampons.

Insert Properly for Best Results

The best period cup for a heavy flow is a super cup. Super cups are designed to hold a larger amount of blood than regular menstrual cups. Instead of changing your tampon every hour, heavy flow period cups can last up to 12 hours.

In order to achieve the best protection, you will need to properly insert the cup. If your cup is inserted sideways, it will not stop the bleeding and will cause discomfort. You should always pinch your cup to the smallest it can go, and then insert it at a 45-degree angle.

Stay Active

The best menstrual cup for a heavy flow is designed with surgical-grade silicone or rubber. You can insert it into your vagina and take comfort that it will not leak. You will not have a string hanging out or a pad bothering your feminine area. If properly inserted, you will not feel the period cup.

Period cups hold three times the amount of uterine blood than a tampon or pad. You can enjoy your regular activities, exercise, and take comfort that your period cup will not leak.

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