Saving Money on Green Fees With a Lake Geneva Country Club Membership

People can golf at public courses without being a member as long as they pay a fee whenever they do so. Private organizations require membership to play, although members can bring guests. The term “country club” typically refers to a private course, although some are open to the public. Men and women pay the Lake Geneva country club membership cost annually.

Saving Money

Becoming a member saves avid golfers money compared with paying green fees, especially if they play frequently. People who golf at least once or twice weekly during the season pay a significantly larger amount for green fees in a year compared with the annual Lake Geneva country club membership cost.

Extra Motivation

That yearly charge also is motivating. Members want to get the most of the money they’ve invested. That spurs them to golf even when they feel more like lounging on the couch and watching TV. These individuals know that the activity provides healthy exercise and a chance to spend hours outside.

Expert Insight

Even those using a cart to travel around the course burn calories and walk many steps. A report from National Public Radio says using a cart while playing 18 holes still requires walking about two miles.


Members also enjoy the opportunity to make new friends who frequent the place. A round of golf often is followed up with snacks, sandwiches or dinner in the clubhouse. People who are there at least once a week get to know others arriving around the same time.

To learn about becoming a member of a Lake Geneva golf club, visit Abbey Springs.