Sand Blasting in Guilford Will Make A Lovely and Lasting Grave Marker or Monument

Sandblasting is often used to make grave markers or monuments. Many designs can be put on the grave marker and the monument. Snadblasting is done using pressurized air under high speeds to spray abrasive grit against the product. This process will engrave or etch, using a stencil, the tribute desired by the family. Sandblasting doesn’t really use sand as the abrasive material. Sandblasters use an aluminum oxide powder or a special silica sand that has been hardened.

This Sand Blasting in Guilford is good for granite grave markers and monuments. The stencil is laid on the granite surface and the images are carefully cut out with a pen knife which leaves a design in the stencil. Then the sandblasting begins to carve the granite exactly where the stencil has been cut out. The end result is a beautiful monument depicting exactly what the family wanted.

Most grave process begins with a polished piece of granite that is ready for the stencil to be applied. The modern technique in making a stencil is to use a computer, known as a Computer Aided Design system, to make the stencil look like a piece of art. This machine will outline the design with edges which are pre-cut so an exacto knife can be used to lift the image off of the marker. Business Name uses this process.

Once this is done, the stencil is applied with adhesive which is already on the stencil. When the stencil is in place, the sandblasting can begin. This will take out about an 1/8 of an inch of material which will leave a design that is a different shade because the surface is polished into a black color, or the color of the granite which has been selected. The design stands out and can be easily noticed.

The marker or monument maker will go over the design and make sure that it is perfect, and he will touch up the design to bring it to perfection if it isn’t perfect. Great care is taken by the Sand Blasting in Guilford process to ensure the family is well satisfied with its work.

The marker is then shipped to the cemetery where a worker will install it, but the family is advised to alert the cemetery that the marker or monument is being shipped. The family is also advised to ensure it is installed properly.

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