Safety Precautions for Destin Pontoon Rentals

Are you going on vacation and want to enjoy water activities? Then consider Destin Pontoon Rentals as your chance to participate in swimming and snorkeling. You can view marine life such as dolphins in their natural habitat. With any type of boating activity, precautions should be taken to ensure the pontoon occcupants’ safety. Learn about the basic protective measures to prevent bodily injury or even death.

While using a pontoon can afford you the ability to have fun in the sun, it can bring danger when you don’t heed caution. Before you head out on a pontoon, ensure that you have completely read the pontoon’s instruction manual. This may take some time but will give you the benefit of applying instructions given by the manufacturer of the flotation device. When you have questions, ask the rental company or the maker of the pontoon. Make sure you have the correct safety equipment on board. There should be a fire extinguisher that is in good condition and has passed inspection. Test the boat lights before you head out. Some essentials to have include extra batteries, flares, maps, and a first aid kit. Also, keep at two cell phones on board in case one is damaged or loses signal.

Every person on the pontoon should wear a life jacket that properly fits and has passed inspection. Learn about the weather one or two days before you are scheduled to use the pontoon. When there are adverse weather conditions such as rain or sleet, get out of the water. Follow a pre-departure checklist to make sure you perform all the correct steps to operate the pontoon right. Ensure that you know the loading capacity of the boat. Never have more weight on board than is allowed and don’t exceed the maximum number of people allowed on board.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can enjoy your time on your pontoon. You can do this by reading the manufacturer’s instructions, using the proper safety equipment, testing the boating equipment, and knowing about the weather. For more information on Destin Pontoon Rentals, please talk to a professional at Xtreme H20 or visit

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