Safe Combination Change Tips

A number of situations can arise which cause the need for a safe’s combinations to be changed. Perhaps the most common is employee turnover. Once an employee leaves a company, it is important to ensure he or she will no longer have access to the valuables or money. Reputable companies exist that are experienced in changing both digital and turn dial type combinations. A more recent product that offers fingerprint entry, is increasing in popularity as well. There are no combinations to change, just the removal of access to the person to whom the fingerprint belongs.

Since safety is the key, always be sure to know who is entering locked areas. A technician who is well-known to the staff may not go through any sort of checks. However, it is important to always check the identification of newcomers, and verify their names with the proper department before allowing access to locked areas. Unfortunately, thieves look for weaknesses and may pose as locksmiths to gain access to restricted areas. Legitimate technicians will have no problem showing identification.

Reputable safe servicing companies, like those found through a combination changes NY search, will quote prices up front and may even list them on their websites. Different styles of safes will require different work, so be sure to let the customer service department know the details. An accurate description of the job will provide the accounting department with an accurate bill, and the technician will be well prepared for the work.

A good technician knows how important the security is of the items or cash behind the safe doors. Therefore, he or she will make sure to follow your company’s procedure, whether the combinations are to be given to just a few people or several, or if some people will have portions of the combinations, and other people will possess the other parts.

Some safe manufacturing companies can also be found using a Combination Changes NY search. These companies offer servicing for their safes, and often for competing companies’ safes as well. Such companies are motivated to make high quality products, under excellent warranties. They prefer to have their own technicians work on their safes, to ensure quality work and reduce the likelihood of damage.


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