Safe and Effective Water Removal in Miami Beach

Water damage can destroy a home and all its contents. The problem can begin as a small plumbing leak or be the result of a major weather disaster. The cause is less important than how the homeowner addresses the issue. Any water cleanup must occur quickly and completely because any remaining damage can cause mold to develop and spread throughout the home.

Take Immediate Measures

Call for professional help as soon as the damage occurs. Do not wait for an insurance adjuster, for the estimate from a contractor, or for the next morning to arrive. Experts consider Water Removal in Miami Beach as an emergency, so the companies that perform these services have 24-hour helplines. Most companies will have a team at the site within a matter of hours.

Protect Anything Possible

Only enter a damaged home if it is safe to do so. Floodwaters often contain pathogens and chemicals from roads, vehicles, and sewers. Electrocution due to downed power lines and submerged home electronics present a health hazard. Try to remove any undamaged personal belongings, but leave flood-soaked items behind due to the contamination risk. Take protective measures if roof damage or a broken window threatens an area of the home that currently has no damage.

Call the Insurer

Take photographs of the property before removing anything. Contact the insurer to begin the claim process. Make certain to note the effort to protect the undamaged portion of the home because insurance companies will not cover damage that occurs after an incident if there were ways to stop it from occurring. Companies that perform Water Removal in Miami Beach can contact the insurer directly for billing information, but homeowners should still report large-scale disasters for themselves. Keep in mind that insurance companies may not always cover the water damage from plumbing leaks or preventable accidents.

Take the risks of water damage seriously and do not delay the cleanup. Professional water removal services can help homeowners to salvage much more of their property than they could have otherwise, and can greatly reduce the damage to the home. Companies like PuroClean of Aventura have the most innovative and modern equipment available to ensure fast and efficient service.

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