Roofing Companies in Wichita KS; Roof Maintenance Tips

The roof is very important to the structural integrity of the home. This is probably the reason even home insurance policy providers look at the condition of the roof before giving an insurance premium rate. To have a good roof over your head for a long time, you need to think carefully about the process of installation, maintenance and repair. Here are some roof maintenance tips that the best Roofing Companies in Wichita KS recommend for your roof.

Thermal imaging for moisture detection

One of the worst things that can happen to the roof, especially if it is made of shakes or shingles, is accumulation of moisture. When moisture accumulates on the lower side of the roof, the shakes and shingles start curling. The moisture could also lead to the growth of mold and rotting of the roof, something that will ultimately lead to people in the house getting sick, leaks and at times, the roof collapses. Metallic roofs will also rust when there is excessive moisture concentration. Thermal imaging is the use of infra red light to detect the presence of moisture on the roof in a fast and efficient manner.

Dealing with moisture

When moisture is detected on the roof, the experts will take measures to replace the affected parts. This could involve removing the tiles, shingles or shakes that have started rotting with newer ones. The cause of the moisture accumulation will also be addressed to make sure that the problem does not recur. This will include inspecting the gutters and the condition of the roof in general, all in a bid to make sure that the roof stops collecting too much moisture.

When to replace the roof

There are certain times when the damage caused by moisture can be too much to mitigate by simple repairs. You will know it is time to replace the roof when:

* More than 50 percent of the roof surface looks rotten.

* The roof is leaking water as a result of the rotten tiles.

* The protective membrane has accumulated water and is also ruined.

Reliable Roofing Companies in Wichita KS will help you handle the process of inspecting the roof for moisture and other issues.

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