Restoring the Perkiness of Breast with a Marietta Breast Lift Procedure

If you are worried about your droopy breasts, then a Marietta breast lift procedure might be the best option for you. Breast drooping can be caused by various factors. Many people blame breastfeeding for saggy breasts. However, this is not the only cause.

In fact, breastfeeding does not increase the sagging of breasts. Instead, pregnancy causes contraction and expansion of the breasts. Whether a woman breastfeeds or not, she will have a change in breasts’ appearance during her lifetime.

Gravity is a prominent factor that causes drooping of breasts. This cannot be controlled. Genetically, structure of the tissue and its size play a significant role in determining the impact of gravity on the look of your breasts.

Weight gain also causes the breasts to droop. This is why it is advisable to exercise regularly to keep body weight on check. This helps in improving blood circulation in the breasts while strengthening pectoral muscles.

Bras also affect breasts. It is advisable to wear bras that fit the body. There are studies that reveal that braless women have sagging breasts than those who wear bras. Therefore, always wear nice-fitting bras to ensure healthy and perky breasts.

Other factors that may cause sagging of breasts include smoking. Smoking affects the skin in other parts of the body and the breasts as well.  Elastin and collagen fibers keep the skin flexible and firm. Smoking accelerates the process of breakdown of these elastin and collagen fibers.

Perhaps, you have droopy breasts as a result of the effects of any or a combination of these factors. You do not have to worry. You can restore the pre-baby perkiness of the breasts through exercising. However, if you realize that exercise alone cannot help, you can go for a professional Marietta breast lift procedure. This procedure restores the breasts to your desired position and look.

An accredited breast surgeon will lift your breasts by providing a reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Before performing the surgery, the surgeon will explain the procedure to you, the benefits and associated risks. The surgeon will also provide post-surgery instructions to enhance the healing process.

Proper pre-surgery preparation will be done to ensure that you go into the operating room with realistic expectations and confidence. In addition, good surgeons provide personalized care and attention to patients. This ensures that you achieve the results that you expect while going for a breast lift procedure and that you achieve the look that you desire.

Undergoing a Marietta breast lift procedure can restore the perkiness of your breast if they are droopy. Click here for guidance before you go for a breast lift procedure.


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