Restore Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in DC

If you find your teeth so embarrassing that you rarely smile or laugh in public, you’re not alone. Dentists routinely see people who have issues with their teeth that make them reluctant to let anyone else get near their mouth. The good news, though, is that a lot of effort has been put toward developing solutions for these types of problems. Whether you have teeth that are missing, discolored, or badly out of place, there is almost certainly a procedure available that can help. Cosmetic Dentistry in DC can work wonders in restoring a smile.

There are some dental problems that are very difficult to address through the basic techniques available to dentists. Cavities can be filled and small issues with alignment can be corrected with braces, but sometimes there are more profound structural issues. Some patients have teeth that are severely discolored due to the use of certain antibiotics, while others have broken their teeth or simply have teeth that grew in with irregular shapes and positions. These are actually issues that can be addressed, though to know how much is going to be involved you’ll need to get a consultation with a dentist.

For missing teeth, for example, it’s possible to get artificial replacements set into your mouth either temporarily or permanently. Older people often use full or partial dentures to replace their teeth, but you also have the option of having an implant put into your jaw that can be used to provide a base for a permanent artificial tooth.

In the case of teeth that are present but not discolored or oddly shaped, dentists still have options. They can often attach veneers to the front of your teeth to give them the appearance of being perfectly regularly shaped and much whiter than they actually are.

The exact details of what kind of Cosmetic Dentistry in DC will help you varies significantly depending on the state of your teeth. You can get more information here about the available procedures and how to go about setting up an appointment for a consultation. There’s no obligation, and you remain entirely in control of what kind of work you want to have done.

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