Repairing Damaged Teeth with Dentistry in Providence RI

A chipped tooth can destroy a once perfect smile. Damaged teeth can be the result of tooth decay, an accident, or even genetics. Fortunately, no one has to live with a cracked smile. There are many options for permanently correcting broken teeth with cosmetic dentistry in Providence RI. Before deciding on the right treatment, it’s best to understand the benefits of each procedure.

Composite Fillings

For minor chips, composite filings are often used to camouflage the damage. This option is offered if the chip has only damaged the outer layer of the tooth, known as the enamel. In these cases, the damage does not affect the structural integrity of the tooth. The dentist will begin by numbing the tissue around the tooth with a local anesthetic. A tooth-colored resin is then molded over the chip. Once the material is cured, it bonds to the tooth. Composite fillings can last a decade or more before they need to be replaced.

Dental Crowns

If the tooth is badly damaged, a dental crown may be needed. Crowns are porcelain caps that are permanently cemented over the tooth. They are used when a tooth is cracked or if there is considerable damage. If a tooth needs a root canal because of the injury, a crown is always recommended to reinforce the weakened tooth. Each crown is created in a lab, where it is made to match the shape and color of the natural tooth.


Sometimes, a broken tooth cannot be saved. In these cases, the tooth is extracted from the patient’s mouth. Instead of leaving an empty space, most dentists will suggest replacing the lost tooth with a dental implant. Just like a normal tooth, an implant is connected to the jawbone. During a surgical procedure, the dentist will insert a steel rod into the jaw. Once the rod has bonded to the bone, usually after a couple months, a crown is permanently screwed onto the rod. Implants look and act the most like natural teeth.

There is no reason for a chipped tooth to take away your smile. specialized dentisry in Providence RI can repair even the most severely damaged teeth. Fillings, crowns, and implants are just a few of the options available for restoring broken teeth. Meet with a dentist to see which procedure is the best for your unique case.

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