Repair Leaning Walls Repair in Washington, PA to Keep the Home Stable and Healthy

Very few people actively review the status of their home’s foundation. It is out of sight and out of mind, and so it must not be all that important. Unfortunately, foundation collapses can and will occur. Homeowners owe it to themselves to stay on top of what is going on underneath the surface, and to find peace in quality structuring in Leaning Walls Repair in Washington, PA.

Engineered Foundation Solutions PLLC works in three major capacities, as detailed below.

Foundation Stabilizing

Are there cracks in the ceiling and loose bricks falling by the chimney? There are more subtle ways to review for foundation issues. Cracks can be very mild or moderate, but they can be found in exterior and foundation walls. Take a full review of the home with a critical eye to see if buckled or sunken floor areas are appearing. A foundation issue is a major concern, for it can not just disrupt or inconvenience but utterly floor a home. Any repair after the collapse is dire and massive, but taking action now can lead to a healthier future.

Basement Wall Repair

Basement structures take a lot of the strain of a foundation, and when the walls of the foundation are weakened it will receive that added tension. Earth movement is a major concern for the foundation and basement area, as shifts in the dirt and soil can cause disruptions that have far-reaching impact. Leaning Walls Repair in Washington, PA will stabilize the property and keep the basement competent and steady.


Many people understand that water is the killer of foundations. It causes direct damage by weakening the build, seeping into crevasses, and generally being much more than a nuisance. But it also causes indirect damage. Mold grows from water accumulation, and moisture will remain in the air that dissolves the overall structure and physically weakens the various attributes. Waterproofing means sealing cracks, getting rid of already invaded water, and supplying a moisture-free environment with major sustainability.

It takes a careful review to isolate what is causing an issue. A homeowner can call a professional immediately to get their home properly detailed and to find out how their property is holding up.

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