Repair Damaged Teeth

When you have damaged or missing teeth, you should schedule an appointment with a restorative dentist in Bloomingdale. A dentist can examine your teeth to determine what types of repairs are required to make your bite more functional. Your dentist can use computer software and your photographs to project how you will look with the restorations so that you can make a decision about correcting your smile. Some of the procedures are fast and easy while others are more time-consuming. In addition, your dentist may want to complete your procedures over several weeks to have the best outcome.

Onlays or Inlays

If the tops of your teeth are damaged, then you may need onlays to replace the missing cusps. Inlays will repair fissures and pits of the teeth so that you have a strong biting surface. However, an onlay will have one or more cusps so that you can chew food correctly and have a smile that looks attractive. Onlays and inlays are less invasive than having a dental crown, and the restorations are also less expensive. Your restorative dentist in Bloomingdale can give you advice about whether onlays or dental crowns are the best choice for your teeth.

Dentures, Bridges or Implants

If you have no teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, then dentures are an excellent way to replace your teeth. The false teeth are attached to formfitting resin supports, and you can insert or remove the dentures each day. When you have a few missing teeth, you can wear a dental bridge that is made of metal and plastic. This device is attached to the surrounding healthy teeth. Some patients want to visit a restorative dentist in Bloomingdale to have surgery for dental implants. Contact Pure Dental Spa.

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