Removing Moss Plants From Shingles And Additional Assistance With Projects Associated With Roofing In Franklin

Warm, humid climates provide favorable conditions for moss growth. If moss plants are growing on a home’s shingle roof, roofing materials will be susceptible to damage if too much weight is placed on them. The appearance of a rooftop will also be compromised due to the presence of the plants. The following roofing in Franklin tips can be completed to eliminate moss and prevent future growth.

  • Supplies
  • ladder
  • water hose
  • High-pressure hose nozzle
  • long handled scrub brush (stiff bristles)
  • rake
  • roof cleaning agent
  • oxygenated bleach
  • lawn sprayer
  • measuring tape
  • roofing strip (containing zinc or copper)
  • nail gun
  • zinc or copper coated roofing nails

Removing Moss Plants And Surface Stains

After leaning a ladder next to a home and ensuring that it is secure, a high-pressure hose nozzle needs to be attached to a standard water hose. This type of nozzle will emit a strong stream of water that will assist with softening moss plants so that they are easier to remove from shingles. While standing on a ladder, water needs to be sprayed directly on moss plants for a few minutes. A long handled scrub brush that has stiff bristles or a rake can be used to loosen moss from shingles.

A small amount of a roof cleaning agent and oxygenated bleach need to be added to a lawn sprayer’s tank. The rest of a tank should be filled with water. After mixing the components in a tank, stains on shingles can be treated with a cleaning agent. A scrub brush that is moved back and forth over stains will be necessary. A water hose should be used to apply water to a rooftop to rinse away a cleaning product. Asphalt shingles need to dry thoroughly.

Securing Zinc Or Copper Strips

Zinc or copper roofing strip can be secured to a roof’s peak to prevent moss growth. Zinc or copper will be released from a strip when it is raining and will roll down a rooftop and provide shingles with a protective coating. After measuring a roof’s width, a nail gun can be used to insert zinc or copper coated roofing nails through a strip.

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