Remodeling tips for the smaller bathroom

The bathrooms in many older homes were quite small, the room was considered to utilitarian, it has a purpose and that was it. Today’s homes are built with larger bathrooms but that does not help those with a small bathroom unless they want to move. Bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD is a better solution for those that are quite content with their home, just not content with the small bathroom. As with any remodeling project, the first thing is the budget, just how much money do you want to spend? A simple paint job is one thing, replacing the fixtures is quite another.

Assuming the room dimensions cannot be changed, the objective is then to make best use of the room that is there. It is possible to create an illusion of space with carefully selected finishes. A light colored paint for the walls will make the room look larger than it really is; this is also true for the floor. If the tile is light, the space will appear greater. Dark colors can be used of course but save them for the accessories, a dark towel looks great against a light wall for example.

Lighting can also make a difference when undertaking bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD. Consider putting recessed lights into the ceiling above the sink and mirror. This will give the illusion of space and it will eliminate any shadows that will be tossed by wall mounted sconce lighting. Use a larger mirror, there is no reason to have a small mirror above the sink, you do not have to use the whole thing; a larger mirror reflects the light much better.

The fixtures that were in vogue years back were considerably larger than modern fixtures. A great way to make the room more efficient and larger is to tear out the old vanity and inset sink and replace them with a modern pedestal based basin. Unless a bath tub is important, rip it out and replace it with a glass shower enclosure or rip out the old tab and replace it with a smaller version.

Get as much clutter out of the room as possible. There is no doubt that a clean room looks more spacious and appealing than a room which is cluttered. If possible, move items that are rarely used to the linen closet rather than on the surfaces.

With the use of modern materials and fittings, bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD can be accomplished, giving the room a bright, new lease on life; contact Benz Construction, Inc. to discuss your ideas.

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