Rely On The Local Experts For Commercial AC Repair In Davenport FL

A lot of people would like to live where “everybody knows your name.” Of course, living in a small town while still being close to all of the big city amenities is to have the best of both worlds. Davenport, FL, fits that description. Of course, living in the Deep South does have a downside that becomes readily apparent when the AC isn’t working properly or quits altogether. It gets hotter in some other regions of the US, but it would be hard to beat the heat and humidity combo of central Florida.

A single family is unhappy when the home AC isn’t putting out that nice, cool air, but when commercial AC isn’t working, a lot of people are unhappy. It costs the owners of the business money in lost sales and perhaps lost product. AC maintenance is good for the bottom line by saving money on AC repairs and increasing the lifespan of the AC unit.

*     From a small window air conditioner to a large commercial air conditioning system, clean filters are essential. It pays to have one person designated as the “filter changer” so that this simple task doesn’t get overlooked. Employees and customers will appreciate the clean air and reduced allergens. The business owner will appreciate the long-term savings derived from the AC unit running as efficiently as possible.

*    There are a couple simple tips to help prevent the AC unit from freezing up. Be sure all of the AC vents are not blocked, especially the return vents, which reduces air flow. Also, setting the thermostat below 65 degrees can increase the risk that the unit will freeze up.

*    Several times a year, drain pans and lines should be cleaned. Condensate treatment should be part of a routine maintenance program. This will lower the risk of improper drainage causing water damage to the building.

*    Every three months, it’s a good idea to check and tighten belts. This helps to keep the proper air volume flowing freely. Loose belts cost money in higher utility bills, but broken belts can result in compressor failure.

There are many general maintenance items that should be done regularly. Charles M Watts AC is a family business that has been doing Commercial AC Repair in Davenport FL for many years. Contact them for AC maintenance or Commercial AC Repair in Davenport FL. They understand customer service and doing the job right the first time.

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