Reducing Risk of Loss and Cost of Property Insurance

Your Home and Business – Your Most Valuable Assets
Your home and business are major priorities when it comes to protecting them from damage and loss.

Home and business owners greatest fear is fire damage. When you consider the alternatives, it is an easy choice to invest in optimal fire protection.

Smoke alarms and heat detectors are important. However, for peace of mind the best optimal fire protection is a fire sprinkler system installed by fire sprinkler contractors in NJ area residents trust and rely on.

The Impressive Fire Protection Services Building
Those who live in NJ never fail to notice Newark Fire Protection Corp.’s impressive building located at 4 Libella Court in Newark.

The building exterior speaks volumes of the valuable services found inside with a staff of expert fire protection consultants.

The impeccable building design also sends a remider to the public of how valuable your home and property are and why fire sprinkler protection is an investment that gives you the best possible return: your safety and safety of all occupants of your home or building.

It isn’t unusual to notice the number of Newark Fire Protection service vans on NJ roads. These vans are proof that as the most recognized fire sprinkler contractors inNJ residents trust, fire protection is a homeowners’ and businesses’ priority.

Newark Fire Protection Corp. – A Full Service Company
Newark Fire Protection Corp. provides a full range of fire protection services. These include:
. System design
. Installation
. Inspections
. Maintenance
. Repair

When you contact Newark Fire Protection Corp., you have ready access to a professional consultant who will assist with your fire sprinkler service needs.

Fire sprinklers need regular inspections and maintenance to avoid costly repairs. Newark Fire Protection Corp. field service experts inspect and provide regular maintenance as well as repairs.

For more information or to arrange a Newark Fire Protection Corp. service, visit or by phone: 973-817-8114. Do it today to preserve the safety and value of your property.

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