Reducing Costs of Roof Repair in Gig Harbor

The easiest way of reducing the costs of roof repair in Gig Harbor is to be diligent about maintenance. Many homeowners neglect simple maintenance services for years and wonder why they are facing major repair costs. Commercial building owners may have the roof inspected every two years, but do not schedule routine maintenance. The roof may be fine, but the gutters could be clogged, downspouts may be misaligned, or moss may be growing in the corners. Unless there is a major event or accident, most roofs deteriorate over time. Minor repairs that go unnoticed are the cause of expensive major repairs or roof replacements.

An annual inspection of the roof is a wise first step toward reducing the need for roof repair in Gig Harbor. Complete preventative maintenance services at regular intervals will enhance inspection efforts. Experienced and licensed crews have been providing comprehensive maintenance since 1980. Services can be done quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on the needs and preferences of building owners. Scheduling can be done in advance, and payment is due at the time of the visit. Full services include inspection, cleaning of the roof and gutters, removal of any debris or mildew, and pressure washing. Any repairs noticed can be handled at that time, or during a second visit. Free estimates for any repairs are offered, and free consultations are available to access the condition of the roof and discuss any major needs.

Inspection and maintenance are important because a slow leak, a bent gutter, or missing shingle can be causing damage long before owners are aware of a problem. Mold on tiles, for example, sounds harmless. Moisture is inevitable, mold grows when exposed to a water source, and rain lands on the roof. Some mold is to be expected, right? Some mold, when not cleaned off, seeps into cracks, breaks down materials, and spreads quickly into insulation, onto support beams, and in electrical wiring. Left untreated, that small amount of mold can result in the need for new electrical components, restoration to the attic and new insulation installation, and extensive repairs to the structure. All of those expenses are in addition to the new roof that is now needed. Compare the cost of preventative maintenance to even one of those possible repairs to determine which will save time and money.

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