Reduce Energy Costs with New Windows in Normal, IL

When a homeowner walks by a window and feels a cool breeze in the winter, they know it’s time to repair or install new Windows in Normal, IL. If they’ve noticed that the amount of oil or gas that they are using to heat their home has increased, it could be leaky windows that are causing the problem. Since windows are replaced infrequently, people may not know about the changes in their design and materials. These combine to make windows more energy efficient and will reduce the amount of energy used to heat or cool a home. Their best strategy is to set up an appointment with a Brothers company representative.

They are experienced contractors who can explain how frame materials have changed. High-maintenance wood frames were the choice of contractors when windows were installed in many older homes. Wood absorbs moisture and that causes a wood window frame to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Over many years, a constantly changing window frame will cause the seal between the window and house frame to loosen. This is how drafts develop. Today, window frames are made from several new materials. Vinyl window frames absorb far less moisture. Therefore they maintain their size and leaks don’t develop. Because they are much stronger than wood, the actual window frame is smaller. That means that homeowners enjoy larger views.

Energy efficient windows use more than just one glass pane. They can have between two and four panes that are separated by spaces. While air can be used as an insulator, the best windows use a safe gas. The gas creates a space that prevents heat or cold transfer. That means that the house temperature remains more stable. A customer considering one of these styles of Windows in Normal IL should make sure that they layers of glass panes are securely held in place at the bottom and top.

There are several additional advantages to installing vinyl windows. They never have to be painted and are designed to be easily cleaned. Instead of climbing a ladder to clean the outside of the windows. Homeowners can just tilt them in or swing them over the side of the window. They come in many different colors and there’s one to match every clapboard and trim combination.

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