Recycling Companies in Baltimore, MD Pay Cash for Scrap Metal

The major recycling companies in Baltimore MD, offer a variety of different kinds of recycling, with scrap metal recycling being the most important of these. The unquestionable king of all the scrap metals is copper. This particular metal is prized for its ability to conduct electricity as well as for its attractive appearance. Copper is usually a very deep red that borders on golden. In the cases where copper is left in the outdoors, it might start to tarnish so that the red is largely obscured. However, once it is polished, it will recapture its original appearance. Copper is by far the most valuable of scrap metals on today’s market.

The next most valuable scrap metal is brass. Brass contains a percentage of copper, which is the primary reason for its high value in the recycling world. Brass looks similar to copper, but it has a more gold color. When the brass gets old or when it is continually exposed to the weather, it gets a green patina that can be patchy. The green patches are not generally viewed as a detriment to the metal’s attractiveness, however. Brass is second to copper in terms of value at a scrapyard today.

Aluminum is usually considered to be the third most valuable of the scrap metals accepted at local scrap yards today, but it is different than copper and brass in several notable ways. First, aluminum tends to be far more plentiful. Aluminum is a silver color, but it is often hard to identify it because it is so frequently disguised with paint or graphics. Aluminum is most often seen in soft drink cans, beer cans, siding for houses, roofing materials for houses, and in window materials for houses. While aluminum doesn’t weigh very much, it is pretty valuable. This means that it takes a great deal of aluminum in order to equal a big pay day at the scrap yard.

One thing that might be helpful before you trade in any scrap metals is to try to sort the metals you plan to sell into piles by type. This can speed up the process for the scrapyard and help you get your cash faster. To find out more from Recycling Companies in Baltimore MD.

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