Recycle With Commercial or Industrial Use Drum Washers in Chicago IL

Businesses who rely on the continual availability of drums for reuse within the company require an on-site solution. Drum washers are the answer to providing fast, reliable, and safe cleaning of a wide variety of containers.

Drum Cleaners to Suit Your Needs

Drums can vary in size from 30 to 55 gallons, as well as having an open-top or closed-top design. Having one machine that can handle a range of drum sizes and types allows complete streamlining of drum recycling, which reduces overall operating costs. Finding an easy-to-operate machine that works efficiently and offers the flexibility of manual or fully automated operation is critical for keeping a business running smoothly.

Drum Cleaning Operational Features

The safety of employees and overall maintenance needs should be paramount when choosing drum cleaning machinery. The operation should be straightforward, to decrease accidental misuse. The unit should seal tightly to avoid dangerous vapor leakage. Water use and drum-cleaning time should be minimal to keep operating expenses low. A brushless design also reduces maintenance costs.

Chicagoland’s Drum Washer Specialist

Chicago Boiler aka CB Mills is the company to call for any of your drum, tank, or tote cleaning needs. They have 125 years of experience providing for industries that require specialized equipment, including drum cleaners, media grinding mills, solvent recovery systems, and custom steel tanks. They are your local source for the highest-quality, advanced-engineered machinery for drum recycling. CB Mills understands the needs of their customers and deliver optimal solutions that help keep your business competitive.

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