Recovery Process for VIP Abortion Services

Having an abortion is often an extremely emotional and upsetting process. In order to be ready for the procedure, it is important for women to understand how the process works and what to expect both before and after. It is essential for them to understand how the recovery process works so they can be prepared once the procedure is over. VIP Abortion Services are available for women who are uncomfortable coming in during normal office hours.

Avoid Excessive Exercise

For the first twenty-four hours after a VIP abortion, excessive exercise should be avoided. During the first day after the procedure, it is essential that women get all the rest they can. Both their bodies and minds will need time to recuperate after the emotional procedure.

No Driving for At Least Eight Hours

Some women may need a sedative or narcotic pain medication during the procedure. If this is the case, they should not be driving for at least eight hours after the process is completed. This means each woman should have a friend or family member accompany them to the appointment, so they have someone to drive them home afterward. If there was an IV used, then driving has to be avoided for a full twenty-four hours instead.

Have Pads Available

Anyone having an abortion should have plenty of pads available when they get home. There will be some bleeding following the procedure. Some women may only experience light bleeding and cramping while others will have severe cramping and heavy bleeding. If the bleeding persists for several days or is extremely heavy and uncomfortable, then women should speak to their doctor.

Take Showers Only

For the first week or two after the abortion, it is best to avoid taking a bath and immersing in water completely. Women should take showers only during this time.

VIP Abortion Services are available to any woman that needs them. It will allow women to have their appointment after hours when they feel more comfortable doing so. Finding the right time will help make the process a little easier. Once the process is completed, it is important to remember these recover process tips and steps to ensure the body recovers as quickly as possible. Any woman currently in need of abortion services can speak to someone at Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic for more information.


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