Receptionists Need a Variety of Office Desk Supplies in Madison WI

Several clerical occupations have virtually disappeared with the proliferation of computers, scanners and other equipment that automates various tasks. Receptionists are still in demand, however, since nothing else truly replaces a friendly face at a front desk. These employees need various types of Office Desk Supplies in Madison WI to do their jobs effectively.

Cutting and Writing Utensils

Some Office Desk Supplies in Madison WI that a receptionist needs are quite basic but still essential. This person must have scissors or box cutter to open packages delivered to the organization. Pens and pencils are still necessary even though so many documents are printed. Some receptionists need markers and highlighters.

General and Custom Rubber Stamps

Even with so much automation in offices, rubber stamps are still commonly used to mark dates on incoming materials. These can be custom-ordered from a supplier like Rhyme, and also are available as generalized products. A customized stamp might include the organization’s name or logo, while a general one simply marks the date.

Folders and Labels

Some offices keep paper copies of various documents in folders. A receptionist may need these items to keep in a desk drawer. This employee may be in charge of moving materials to filing cabinets, placing items in the correct folder, labeling new folders as needed, and keeping folders alphabetized. Of course, this means that labels are sometimes added to the list of office supplies to buy. They might be all of one type or in various hues for color coordination.

Binding Supplies

Receptionists often have to bind papers together using staples, paper clips or other fasteners. If they are in charge of mailing, they’ll need envelope of various sizes, and perhaps some padded or bubble-lined envelopes. Shipping labels and sealing tape have to be put on the order list from time to time.

Concluding Thoughts

In addition to filing, the company may need a certain amount of typing and data entry to be completed. These are the types of duties receptionists commonly handle when they are not greeting visitors or answering phone calls. Browse our website when it’s time to order office supplies.

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