Rebuilt Car Transmissions in Eastpointe Vs. New Car Transmissions

Did you know that the majority of transmissions are rebuilt car transmissions in Eastpointe? The reason for this is because rebuilt transmissions are actually just as reliable as new ones, leaving many people to wonder which type is suitable for them. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types before making a decision and by doing this; you can avoid problems such as slow gear changes, fluid leaks and noise disruptions. So, which is best, rebuilt car transmissions in Eastpointe or new car transmissions?

Rebuilt Transmission
Garage workers will normally rebuild a transmission and then sell it on to customers or fit it on another car. The type of work carried out will depend on the condition of the transmission when it was supplied to the garage. If the transmission is too badly damaged and cannot be salvaged it will be scrapped, but if there are minor damages then the garage worker will be able to clean it and fix it. If necessary, parts will be replaced and the transmission will be tested to ensure it works before it is sold on. Rebuilt car transmissions in Eastpointe should not be confused with used transmissions, which have simply been taken off a car and undergone a maintenance check.

New Transmission
You will have to spend more money if you want a new transmission rather than rebuilt car transmissions in Eastpointe. Although new transmissions will be fresh off the production line, they are just as reliable as rebuilt ones, proving that if you want to save money you would be better off purchasing rebuilt car transmissions. There are very few companies who actually make and sell new transmissions nowadays. The reason for this is because most new transmissions are created specifically for a brand new car and the market is not large enough to sell them in big quantities. If you go down this route it is essential that you ask if the transmission is brand new or if it has been rebuilt in a factory.

Saving Money
Running a car is not a cheap task; therefore you will probably want to save as much money as possible when buying rebuilt car transmissions in Eastpointe. You should price installation and the transmission separately, because most companies will charge different fees. Get price estimates before making a decision to avoid paying more than necessary. When selecting a company to work with, read their customer testimonials and view their services before contacting them.

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