Reasons Why a Person Hires a Guardianship Lawyer in Temecula

When people think about guardianship, thoughts typically go to a divorcing parent being granted custody of their children, or if a child’s parents have died, guardianship is often granted to family members or friends. However, guardianship can also be granted when a person is incapacitated either physically, mentally or perhaps both. In any event, knowing how to apply for guardianship, or knowing what to do once guardianship has been awarded, will often take the assistance of a Guardianship Lawyer in Temecula.

Assistance With Paperwork

The first thing to understand is that because guardianship is such a monumental task and one that is extremely important, it is going to be accompanied by a significant amount of paperwork. In many cases, people may hire an attorney for the express purpose of helping them fill out the paperwork to initiate the guardianship process.

This phase is very important because paperwork filled out incorrectly can mean a person may have to refile all the paperwork and this can translate to time. Secondly, filling error-ridden paperwork can ultimately derail a person’s attempt to be granted guardianship by the courts.

Understanding the Stipulations of Guardianship

In addition, what can and can’t be done by someone granted guardianship over another person is also a worthwhile reason to hire a guardianship lawyer in Temecula. There are many stipulations that accompany guardianship and often, at least for the average person without a law degree, the wording of these stipulations can be quite confusing.

For that reason, even after guardianship has been awarded, having a lawyer to ask questions about what can and can’t be done is a good idea. The last thing a person will want is to lose the guardianship they fought so hard to get due to a technical oversight or ignorance of the stipulations.

Whether you need to start the process of attaining guardianship, you are somewhere in the middle of the process or you have been granted guardianship and you need to know what to do next, the Law Office of Michelle Penna may be able to help. If you’d like to know more about the guardianship process, or you want to speak with someone in person, visit today.

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