Reasons To Use Industrial Distributors

Knowing where to go to get the best price, value and parts selection can be a challenge for any contractor, particularly when it comes to large scale projects. These large projects could be the development of a new subdivision, running a municipal water system, completing a large retrofit for an industrial facility or any number of other jobs.

The reality is that not all locations to buy parts are the same. For industrial scale projects, or even for small projects where quality is going to be an essential component, choosing PVF industrial distributors over general suppliers is always the best option.

The Difference in Options

One of the reasons that contractors choose to use industrial distributors over general hardware stores or even building supply stores is the specialized options in pipes, valves, and fittings that are always in stock.

With the large suppliers, there is limited space as they are also setting multiple other products for multiple other types of building and construction needs. This limits the space for specific items that are customized just for the industrial type of use.

These companies can order in specialized pipes, fitting and valves for your applications, but you will have to know the size, options and the specific part required.

Value-Added Services Included

As industrial distributors work as the conduit between the manufacturer and the contractor, they have the supply chain and logistics options that the general distributor simply doesn’t have.

This allows for the contractor to call up, have expert help in ensuring the right parts, valves, fitting, and pipe are ordered. Then, instead of having to send a truck or arrange for pickup and delivery, the industrial PVF distributor can easily arrange for transportation.

This allows for Just-In-Time for ongoing orders or on time delivery for a single order for the project. This not only saves your business time, but it can also reduce the costs and ensure a continual supply of materials on your specific schedule.

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