Reasons To Secure Your West Palm Beach Storm Panels With Direct Mounts

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Storm Shutters

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When it comes to the security of your Florida home, you absolutely want the best protection possible from hurricanes and other major weather events. The basic idea is simple: you need to cover the windows, doors, skylights and other weak openings of the structure. A good strategy is to use aluminum or galvanized steel storm panels and to secure them with direct mounts. Aluminum is the more lightweight option and aluminum panels are easier to hang, but galvanized steel works just fine if you are up to doing a bit more heavy lifting.

Advantages of direct mounts

Direct mounts are very strong; stainless steel screws and concrete anchors are used, and they tighten directly into walls. When the shutters or panels are not hung, and this is most of the time, the screws can be tightened into the walls so that they don’t stick out in a hazardous and unattractive manner. When a storm is forecast, and it’s time to hang the panels, the screws are loosened up for mounting.

When you use a hurricane panel direct mount in West Palm Beach, it’s critical to get each and every storm panel hung before the weather system gets into the area. Many hurricane injuries occur when people wait for too long. Also, buy each hurricane panel direct mount in West Palm Beach from a dealer that knows all of the local building codes and regulations so that you remain in compliance.

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