Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater in Putnam County, NY

For those that have a water heater, they often do not think about just how luxurious that is. They can hop in the shower and enjoy the hot water any time they want. They can easily turn on the tap water and get hot water to do their dishes. They can access this heated water for their needs any time they wish to do so. But what happens when something goes wrong? There are many reasons that a Water Heater in Putnam County, NY may need to be replaced. When the heater stops working, homeowners will no longer get to experience the luxury they once had, that is, until they get the heater fixed. Get in touch with Cassidy Plumbing for more information.

No Hot Water

When someone goes to turn on the hot water, and nothing comes out, this is an indication that the water heater is not working. One common cause of this is frozen pipes. This happens most often during the winter months while it is colder. With temperatures below freezing, it is easy to understand how the pipes could become frozen and no longer allow water to pass through. When this occurs, a plumber can be called to unfreeze the pipes to get the water flowing once again. Frozen pipes are not the only reason for no hot water, however. It could in fact be an issue with the entire water heater. This would mean the owners would need to replace their Water Heater in Putnam County, NY.

Leaking Pipes

If the pipes start leaking, the water that should be coming through them to the faucets will instead be pouring out somewhere they shouldn’t. This often occurs in the basement. Not only does this cause a major issue because of the water damage, but it means they are not getting the water they need either. If the like is strictly in the pipes, it can be repaired. If there is a leak found near the water heater itself, it may call for an entirely new heater.

Whatever the reason may be, a replacement for a Water Heater in Putnam County, NY can be done easily with the help of a plumber. They will remove the old heater and get the new one installed quickly. Homeowners can then resume their daily activities and water use. Anyone currently needing a water heater replacement can visit

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