Reasons to Hire a Social Security Benefits Attorney, Find One in Santa Ana

In most cases, people don’t hire a social security benefits attorney in Santa Ana until they’ve been denied SSD benefits. Residents in Santa Ana can always call on a lawyer when it best suits them, but attorneys can and should start helping before you fill out your application and submit it to the SSA. If your lawyer is there with you at the beginning, they can make sure you fill it out correctly and gather all the medical evidence necessary to prove your case. While it’s not guaranteed to get you approved, you’ve got a much better chance of getting your initial claim approved if you hire help.


If you’ve already gone through the initial process and received a denial letter, your lawyer can help you with the appeals process. Even if you haven’t filed an original claim, yours could still be denied, even with legal help. Therefore, your lawyer can help anyone in any situation with their appeal.


While most people think that lawyers are only out to get more money, they know that they can’t get paid if they don’t offer appropriate advice. Therefore, you can talk to someone before filing a claim to see if you have a good chance of succeeding. Even if they recommend you don’t file, you can still do so with or without legal help. However, knowing that you have a shot can help you feel more confident throughout the process.

Along with such, they can help you choose which evidence is most appropriate and necessary for you to win your case.

A social security benefits attorney can help regardless of where you are in the process. Visit The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen in Santa Ana to learn more.

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