Reasons to Finance a Vehicle at a Used Car Dealer in Stuttgart, AR

Most people aren’t fortunate to buy a car with cash. They have to find a way to borrow the money. This often means applying for financing. You may wonder whether you should seek financing through a traditional bank or if it makes sense to try a local dealership. There are actually a few benefits to financing your next car at a used car dealer in Stuttgart, AR. Take a look.

Flexible Financing

Dealerships work with a variety of financial institutions. They’ve formed relationships and know which ones can be more flexible with their terms. This gives you an advantage when it comes to being approved. This is especially good news if you have past credit issues. It’s also possible that you can get creative financing through a dealer in situations where you are underwater on your last vehicle or have a low downpayment.


Financing at a used car dealership can be more convenient than shopping for a loan on your own. You don’t have to do the legwork of searching for terms that meet your needs, and you also won’t need to fax or drive application paperwork to multiple locations. Instead, you can focus on shopping for the vehicle you like and then go sign your paperwork through the dealer’s financing department.

Competitive Rates

Car dealerships work with banks nationwide. That gives them the opportunity to shop competitively for your car loan. Even if you have credit problems, a used car dealership’s loan department can often find the best rate for you.

Keep these benefits of financing a vehicle at a used car dealer in Stuttgart, AR. Visit Car City at to learn more.

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