Reasons To Consider USPS Postal Verification Software

Owning a business can be a frustrating situation, especially when you consider the mail that you send to potentials and loyal customers. Many times, you’re left to wonder if the information you sent was received by the right person. Also, many times, the USPS isn’t able to send your mail because the address doesn’t exist, it wasn’t spelled correctly, or other mistakes made it impossible to deliver.

Before deciding if you need address-verification products, it’s best to learn what they are and what they do. Postal verification is a particular process that makes sure each delivery address in your list is valid before any mail is sent. Any delivery address for the US must be verified before it can get mail. While most people have lived in the same home for years and get mail, you don’t know unless you have a product to help you. Address validation should be done according to CASS standards, to ensure that all addresses are valid.

What To Consider

The product you choose is only as good as the vendor. Therefore, you should do your research on outside vendors to ensure that the product does what it is supposed to. For example, online verifications are possible, but not with every product on the market. You may also want to consider SaaS options if you prefer not to download or install things to the computer. However, most business owners prefer to download and install the product so they know it can be used whenever it’s needed, and it’s ready to go when they are.


In most cases, USPS postal verification products come in a package with other helpful products. While you may be able to buy it separately, it may not be able to standardize mailing lists, verify that the address is complete and valid, or update outdated addresses.

You want standardization with your mailing list because it will ensure that everything is spelled correctly and written the way the post office wants it to be. For example, if you leave off South or S., your mail may be sent somewhere else. Leaving off the ZIP could also cause delays.

Verifying the correctness of the address is also important, as well as updating. You want to make sure that whenever you need to send mail, everything is perfect so that it is delivered. Then, you need to ensure that the address is valid and can receive mail.

USPS Postal Verification Software is a must-have for companies who send a lot of mail. Click here to know more.

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