Reasons to Consider Quality Glass Picture Prints for the Holidays

The idea of a picture dates back a lot farther than most people realize. While the still photo has only been around for a couple hundred of years, paintings have been around for thousands of years. Human beings have always wanted to capture the likeness of their loved ones, including their animals. Though when it does come to photos, mankind has certainly come a long way. You can find glass picture prints today that are like novelty souvenirs, 3D picture cubes that capture a high-quality image inside of glass. Here are a couple of benefits of going with these sorts of pictures for a gift for a loved one this holiday season.

Quality, Custom 3D Pictures

For starters, these glass prints can be customized with any sort of photo you want. Dogs, cats, kids, couples, high school graduation, etc; no matter what sort of memory you want to commemorate, you can have the photo professionally etched inside of glass to give it a great 3D look. These sorts of designs really stand out above the classic flat pictures inside of frames, but you’re not losing any quality in the switch.

Won’t Fade and Easy to Clean

One of the biggest issues with classic pictures in frames is that they fade over time. Sunlight hitting them through the windows, just the age and light of a room, etc. There are all sorts of reasons these pictures fade, and that’s not even getting into how hard they are to clean. Glass picture prints will not fade at all, because they’re laser-etched into glass, but the glass itself is a solid cube which makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

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