Reasons To Consider A Children’s Dentist In Jacksonville

Most people consider a children’s dentist in Jacksonville area for the first dental visit because it makes sense. However, pediatric dentistry isn’t just about regular visits and proper care, but is also available when kids have dental problems. Many times, a child’s teeth aren’t formed fully or they may have a mixture of adult and baby teeth. In these instances, it is important that the child’s mouth not be treated the same as an adult, which pediatric dental options prevent.


Your child’s comfort is the most important thing to you, so it is important to find a dental assistant who is attentive and makes your child feel comfortable. Many times, kids feel scared or nervous about their first few visits because someone large is standing over them and inserting tools into their mouths.

Typically, dentists with pediatric skills in Jacksonville understand the common worries of kids and can act silly or talk them through the procedure to help them relax and make them feel better about the experience.

More Educated/Experienced

Typically, pediatric dentists are more educated than traditional dentists and usually have a lot of experience handling the different needs of children. When searching out the right option for your kids, make sure to do a little background check to ensure that they are educated, they have done specialty training and continue with their education. Consider checking to ensure they are licensed through the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

How Long To Use

Pediatric dentists can see your child from their very first visit until the end of adolescence. While some dentists prefer to see kids up until their 14th or 15th year, many will see children until the age of 18. This means that for about 17 years, your child will have the same oral care practitioner seeing them each time. This helps establish trust in case a dental emergency or heavy work will be involved later in life.

How To Find

When searching out the right option, make sure you ask questions about different treatment options and what they do. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and allow you to feel more at ease by letting them take care of your child’s teeth. While your child has to see them, you will as well, so it is important that everyone feel comfortable.

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