Reasons to Choose Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Wichita

Motorcycle accidents do not occur more frequently than other types of accidents, but they are more likely to result in injury or death. Many people enjoy riding bikes because of the speed and being free on the open road. However, riders should use extreme caution because an accident can occur at any time. If you are hurt in an accident because of another driver’s negligence, it is time to contact an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Wichita about your options.


Head-on collisions are a major concern because they almost always end in death. The majority of motorcycle riders are hit from the front and over half of the accidents that end in death involve other vehicles. It is less likely for a car to strike a motorcycle from behind. If the other driver was negligent and you incurred injuries for the collision, then an Automobile Accident Attorney can help with filing a claim.

Bike riders are in a dangerous situation when cars make left-hand turns. This move may result in a collision between the bike and vehicle. The car usually strikes the bike when the bike is passing the car, going through the intersection or when trying to overtake the vehicle. A bike is smaller than a vehicle, which makes it less visible to a driver. Vehicle drivers are also not expecting bike riders to pass within the same lane, which is why bike riders are more vulnerable. On the other hand, a driver is almost always at fault when hitting a biker rider while making a left-hand turn. If the motorcycle rider was in the wrong lane or speeding, then he or she shares some of the blame.

Lane splitting happens when a biker rides between two lanes of vehicles in a traffic jam. This behaviour can cause a collision because of the reduced amount of space for maneuvering the bike, the small space between the bike and vehicles and drivers are not expecting biker riders to ride through. It helps to get legal advice and talk about the facts of your case. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Wichita can help with building a defense for you and proving the other party was liable.

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