Reasons to Call an Emergency Dental Care Clinic in Port Orange

Some dental issues can wait until the clinic opens the following business day. Other situations need attention immediately. How do you know when there’s a need for help from an emergency dental care clinic in Port Orange and when it’s okay to wait? Here are three situations that require immediate attention.

Sustaining a direct blow to the mouth may be grounds for seeking emergency help. If some of your teeth are loose enough to move with your tongue, more than an ice pack and an over-the-counter pain reliever may be needed. If one or more teeth have been knocked out, call for help at once. You’ll get instructions on how to keep the teeth viable while you make your way to the clinic.

Intense pain that nothing seems to help is also grounds for seeking emergency care. Your typical home remedies have no effect at all, and the pain is so bad that you can’t sleep. Call for emergency care; the reason for the pain may be more complex than you realize.

Last, broken or chipped teeth need attention quickly. That’s not just because of potentially causing more damage to those teeth. There’s also the possibility of a gum infection setting up. Prompt attention will ease pain, increase the odds of being able to save the teeth, reduce the odds of an infection.

If you’re not sure if a situation merits a call to an emergency dental care clinic in Port Orange, err on the side of caution and call anyway. A professional can make a recommendation based on the answers that you provide to a few simple questions.

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