Reasons Plumbers do Drain Cleaning in Bellevue

Drain cleaning in Bellevue can be used for more purposes than eliminating clogs. Blockage elimination is a big part of the reason for cleaning calls, however, so it should be kept in mind when this subject is discussed. In many cases, getting rid of a blockage is a fairly simple matter for a professional service like West Coast Plumbing. The typical clog can be removed by running a long tension cable down the pipe until it hits the clog. Then, the cable is driven into the clog, which will be impaled on the end. This allows the clog to be removed simply by pulling the cable back out of the drain.

When clogs are too tough for that, they are usually made of something other than standard household drain waste. Tree roots or reactive chemicals are the top culprits. Roots can be ground out of the drain with powered augers that cut them up so that they can be washed away. When it comes to chemical mixes, it depends on the material. If someone thought it was a good idea to pour the extra Quikrete powder down the drain, sorry, but you’ll be looking at replacing the affected section of pipe because it will have turned to full-fledged concrete. Chemicals that form less-dense masses, on the other hand, can usually be augered into smaller bits and washed on through the system.

Sometimes, drain cleaning is done not to get water flowing, but to find leaks in sewer lines and other pipes that aren’t in plain sight. In this case, the plumber will need to send a camera down the drain to be able to see where the problem is. Of course, problems in sewer lines can’t be seen if the sides of the pipe are covered in sludge. Then, drain cleaning in Bellevue is done to expose the sides and make their condition easily visible. Since no clog is involved, pressure spraying with water or a cleaning solvent will usually do the job. This type of cleaning may have the added bonus of making the drain smell better for a while as well.

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