Reasons for Applying the Best Driveway Sealer in Toledo, OH

After you’ve had a new driveway installed at your house, you will be offered the option of sealing your driveway. While you may not have budgeted extra money for driveway sealant, there are many advantages to having it done. Here are three benefits to sealing your driveway.

Repels Water

The most dangerous substance for concrete or asphalt driveways is water. If it permeates the surface of the driveway and gets beneath it, it can cause cracks and potholes and make the driveway unstable. However, if a paving company uses the best driveway sealer in Toledo, OH, water will not be able to penetrate the surface because water will be repelled by the sealant.

Easier to Clean

If you have an engine problem or spill oil when changing it in your car, it will be easier to clean off the driveway if it is sealed. By using the best driveway sealer, engine oil can be swept up and disposed of before the driveway is washed clean. Without the sealant, the oil can penetrate the asphalt or concrete and create a permanent stain on the surface.

Let Surface Cure

Before having the driveway sealed, you should allow it about six months to cure. This will allow the oils in the asphalt to evaporate, which makes for a harder surface. Once it has been sealed, it will need to be resealed every one to three years to maintain a clean surface. If there is damage to the driveway, have driveway asphalt repair in Toledo, OH done before sealing the driveway.

Laying a new driveway is expense but it is a vital part of your home, especially if you hope to put your home up for sale someday. By applying the best driveway sealer to a new driveway, it can prevent water and oil penetration, keep the surface cleaner, and prevent damage.